US Bank Account For Non-Citizens
  • US Bank Account for Non-Residents
  • NO Accounts Minimum is required
  • You get FREE US Check/Cheque Book
  • It will take only 10 Days
  • NO Social Security Number (SSN) required
  • NO US ADDRESS required
  • You will get FREE VISA Debit Card
  • Only your Passport is required
  • NO Complex Forms to be filled
  • You will have access to FREE Online Banking
  • It is 100% LEGAL
  • There will be NO Processing Fees
    It is FREE to use with Paypal

    In details, the US Bank account features the following:
  • Easy and secure: You can confirm all the information with the bank the next minute you get the information. Just send them your completed forms (included) and a plain copy of your passport. There's no need to certified the copy.

  • No SSN. No US Address: Because this account is for non-residents, so you will NOT need SSN, or US address, not even your local tax number.

  • Just with your passport: You can use your passport or any government-issued photo ID and your home address.

  • Your own US checkbook: So you can pay in US dollars anywhere you want it. Your first checkbook will include 50 checks and deposit slips.

  • Fantastic On line Banking: The bank provides a GREAT on line banking service, so you can check your account when you want it, wherever you are. You can also order new checks, deposit slips or make transfers.

  • Withdrawals in your city: Using your VISA PLATINUM ATM card you can withdraw your money from over 600,000 ATM machines that accept VISA or PLUS worldwide.

  • Deposit checks: You can deposit checks issued by a US Bank. Just fill the deposit slips (you can ask them for free), endorse the back of the check and mail them to the bank address.

  • Wire money in and out: You can wire money in your US Bank account for no charge. You can also make wire transfer out of your account (For your security you will need to send an authorization letter to the bank for wire money out).

  • Transfer funds from Paypal: You can use this account to transfer funds from Paypal, Stormpay and 2Checkout. You will receive the instructions on how to set up your account to make transfer using this services or any other service that accept ACH transfers.

    No account minimums: After you send your initial deposit, you can keep your account with any amount you want.



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US Bank Account For Non-Citizens

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